7 Secrets of iPhone App Development That Most of The Misses

Do you have a smartphone? It sounds like a weird question in this digital era. Yes, we all have smartphones. Now, what platform do we choose? Most popularly, it’s an iPhone OS or Android OS. Obviously, rest of the mobile […]


Best Healthy Lifestyle Apps for 2020

Health and fitness are a sensitive subject to human beings. Most people respond to it with a grimace, and some slight hint of distaste yet expecting to have a healthy body. The truth of the matter is, you need to […]


Python: Pros and cons for your project

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Picking a dev team for on demand delivery apps

Today, each and every on-demand delivery business can win big from launching their own application. The major question every company faces is whether it makes more sense to set up an internal team, responsible for web app development, or hire […]


Python vs R for Machine Learning: Comparison

Today, there are basically two options you can choose in order to do your machine learning projects. It’s either Python or R. And while R used to be very popular in years before, these days it’s mostly Python that gets […]