Picking a dev team for on demand delivery apps

Today, each and every on-demand delivery business can win big from launching their own application. The major question every company faces is whether it makes more sense to set up an internal team, responsible for web app development, or hire an outsourced agency.

Pros for having your own internal team

If you represent a company that simultaneously manages several on-demand delivery businesses, it will probably make more sense to establish your own internal team which will work on apps for all those outlets in the years to come. The mobile apps aren’t going anywhere any time soon.

Pros for hiring an external agency

And for all other companies it would probably make more sense to hire an outsource agency. Among the main benefits, such a service provider will find it easier to ramp up and down the capabilities depending on the needs it sees, it will be able to maintain, upgrade and update your app whenever your needs change, and it might also help with promotion in the app stores.

All in all, unless you are a big multi-company holding, you’d generally be better off with picking an external agency for your on-demand delivery app development project.