When is Python better than R for machine learning projects?

Today, you can deliver your machine learning project with either Python or R at the core. Although R used to be the most popular option in the years before, Python has become an unrivaled leader in machine learning coding these days.

When Python is the best pick?

First, whenever you need to create not only the underlying machine learning capabilities, but also the UX for your web app, Python will serve you right.

Second, if you plan to continue growing the bandwidth and functionalities of your application, this language is better to go with as it offers a much bigger community. This will make it easier for you to recruit new hires to contribute in the years to come.

Third, whenever you know that most of the tasks you’ll need to tackle might have already been addressed by previous generations of coders, Python will surprise you with the abundance of libraries. Here, you’ll surely find the complete solutions to most of the traditionally experienced problems and bottlenecks, cutting down the time and effort you need to invest in development.