Is Python better than R for machine learning projects?

If you are trying to decide whether Python poses to bring more benefits to your machine learning project than R, the resounding answer is Python is the king. Today, Python seems to be the unrivaled leader among the programming languages, suited for machine learning development. This was not always like this, and just a couple of years ago R was at the top.

Why Python is better?

First, Python is extremely easy to learn and code in, since it’s a general-purpose language and it seems pretty similar to English. You’ll find here a smooth learning curve.

Second, Python has a multitude of libraries and framework for machine learning, deep learning and super-narrow scientific use cases. This means that you might find ready-to-use solutions to most of your problems, which will cut the time and effort you’ll need to invest in your dev ops.

Third, there’s a special library that enables you to utilize most of the core functionalities present in R, which is a statistics-only programming language.

In addition, you should know that you can use Python not only for machine learning programming but for UI development as well.