Why is Python getting so popular among AI/ML developers?

Python is seen as the only option for 99% of machine learning and artificial intelligence projects. But it wasn’t like this before, and R used to be at the top for a long time. There are a number of clear reasons why Python has turned into an unrivaled leader.

3 reasons why Python rules

First, Python isn’t just for ML/AI architectures, but you can construct the overall web app fabric with just one language. This cuts down your development costs, enabling you to engage only one time to do all ops.

Second, this language is super easy and elegant. Basically, it’s pretty similar to English. No weirdness and kinkiness that comes with JS and similar stuff. You’ll love it!

Third, there are tons of libraries and frameworks that enable you to meet all your needs in terms of deep learning, machine learning, scraping and science-related use cases.

You really might do the whole project in just Python, without any need whatsoever to use any other technologies. No other language can beat this offering. Add a hugely robust and versatile webdev framework Django on top, and you get the perfect pick.