Do major companies use Python?

The resounding answer is “yes”. Today, many of the major corporation deploy Python-driven codebases, benefiting from the ease and convenience this language brings to the table. Here’s just several of those great businesses that have picked Python to help them drive their development.

1. Dropbox

The company takes the simple task of storing your data to the next level, making $8 billion yearly on this. Python here shows up almost everywhere.

2. Instagram

This business has learned to win from the fast, secure and scalable programming language that Python is.

3. Netflix

Everybody loves the engine that’s at the core of the recommendation service here. Without Python, this wizardry wouldn’t be possible.

4. Facebook

The social media company says that a pretty big chunk of its codebase at around 21% is done in this language.

5. Google

Google sees Python as its official language. And that says a lot. The company’s unofficial motto is to use Python whenever they can and use C++ only in those cases when they absolutely must.