Python vs R for Machine Learning: Comparison

Today, there are basically two options you can choose in order to do your machine learning projects. It’s either Python or R. And while R used to be very popular in years before, these days it’s mostly Python that gets chosen by teams all over the world.

Why you should consider Python

Python is easy to learn and code in. There are a lot of various libraries and frameworks that will help you do all kinds of in-depth ML operations in Python.

As an additional benefit, you can always do both ML and UX operations in Python, creating a seamless coding base for your web app.

Why you should consider R

R is a statistics-only programming language that can be used only for in-depth machine learning operations. It’s usually favored by researchers, scientists and machine learning engineers who wish to focus on ML components and who don’t need to worry about the final GUI consumers will interact with.

All in all, if we compare Python and R, we would always advise you to try and code your web app in Python. Only in exceptional cases should you consider picking R instead.