Best Healthy Lifestyle Apps for 2020

Health and fitness are a sensitive subject to human beings. Most people respond to it with a grimace, and some slight hint of distaste yet expecting to have a healthy body. The truth of the matter is, you need to get yourself into action. Although sometimes it’s a lifestyle that we have or sedentary jobs that don’t allow us to find time to exercise.

For those who find gyms to be pricey, there is another way to stay healthy and save money – mobile apps. Due to the rise of mobile app development, there is many such apps on the market. And what’s is more, the majority of them are free. Sure, if you want additional features you should pay, however, if you don’t have a budget for it you can use only free options. Other plus of the mobile application is that you can use it from anywhere. For example, the total number of Americans that are using these useful fitness apps is estimated to be over 80 million. If you have a smartphone, all you need to do is download the app.


How Exercise Can Benefit You

  • Reduce excess weight: Regular exercise may help you lose those calories that are bugging you. Of course, without a proper diet  you won’t get many results. You can choose from a variety of diet apps on the market.  And if you didn’t find a suitable app you always can create a diet and nutrition app according to how you see it.
  • Keeps your heart healthy: When you exercise, there is an increased blood flow in your body that raises the oxygen levels in your body. It’s a process that works to reduce the risk of your heart, coronary artery diseases, high cholesterol, and heart attack. In essence, exercise strengthens your heart and improves blood circulation.
  • Improves your mood and mental health: Exercise releases chemicals from your body that leaves you relaxed. It also improves your mood and risk of depression.
  • Improves your sleep: Due to the tiredness, you can fall asleep faster and for longer.
  • Enhances your sexual health: Both men and women may benefit from exercise. Women may increase sexual arousal and may lower the risk of erectile dysfunction (ED) in men.

It’s only a short list of reasons why you should download a healthy lifestyle app. And now, let’s take a closer look at the apps that already rocks on the market.



Why are people drooling on Fitbit? Well, this app tracks your daily activities, workout. You can also access data records of the number of steps and distance covered. Have a barcode scanner code that you can use to log calories and check the food history you have eaten. It can monitor the heart rate with the use of graphs.


  • A mobile track that lets you monitor your steps
  • Give tips on nutrition
  • Has a reminder that alerts your next activity
  • Monitor heart rate
  • Manage weight
  • Measure hydration
  • Set and manage goals
  • Food tracking
  • Connect with friends and family



Fitness starts with the diet that you take. This health app is one of the best food trackers. It has easy to use instructions that offer nutrition information on varieties of food. If you are working to gain muscles or lose weight, then this app is what you need.


  • Connect 50+ apps & devices
  • Choose from 350+ exercises
  • Track your calories in fast and easy way (11+ million foods in our database, Barcode Scanner, Recipe Importer and more )
  • Log any activity ( Cardio, Stretch, Strength, steps)
  • Support and motivation(add friends, join community, newsfeed updates)
  • Celebrate your success (nutrition reports, share your progress- charts and photo)



Sculp your physique and lose calories with top personal trainers like Michele Lewin. It offers a step by step training with an interactive training program. You can choose your plans based on your  goals. Whether you’re a beginner or a pro, Fitplan has over 50 personal training programs for every level and goal.


  • Professional trainers
  • Customized workout
  • Exclusive motivational content and giveaways
  • Demonstrations and audio instructions by athletes
  • Track your progress (weight, reps and time, watch your results)


Activity Tracker

Best app loved by athletes, runners, and merely those who want to keep fit. It keeps track of day to day activities. It has a feedback form in the form of graphs and charts.


  • Track your all-day activity without draining your battery (no GPS) or wearing a fitness gadget!
  • Track your Steps as well as Active Calorie Burn, Distance, and Active Time;
  • Overview your hour-by-hour activity in great detail;
  • Overview your Daily, Weekly and Monthly activities with beautiful graphics;
  • Import your historical data from Google Fit so you can have a complete overview of your activity from day one;
  • Since not all days are the same, we prefer a Weekly Target but we will also show you a Daily Goal based on your target;
  • Import/export feature to save your data or move it to another device (Pro version).




An app is explicitly targeting those who love to run and cycle by monitoring their route with GPS. Gamifies your workout and offers leaderboards and your achievement. You can find the most popular way of runners in a new place and make friends through a network of athletes using the app.


  • Measures your performance
  • Social network – connect, share and communicate
  • Record routes, track running & analyze
  • Monthly challenges
  • Compete with others



The fitness app goes by the mantra “Push it to the limit, crush your fitness goals, and feel unstoppable.”This app is an excellent pick for women who want to get fit and take on workout challenges at their choice of location. Or you can use it  as a personal workout trainer. From offering a customized workout regime to keeping track of weekly workout activities, this fitness app does it all. Using the SHOCK Training system, ladies can be empowered, feel unstoppable, and conquer their fitness goals.


  • Customized targeted workouts
  • New exercises with easy to follow videos and instruction
  • High-intensity minimal equipment workouts
  • Substitute strength exercises with an alternate option
  • Fitness tracker
  • Integrated exercise timer with haptic and audio notifications
  • Weekly progress pictures for documentation of fitness progress