7 Secrets of iPhone App Development That Most of The Misses

Do you have a smartphone? It sounds like a weird question in this digital era. Yes, we all have smartphones. Now, what platform do we choose? Most popularly, it’s an iPhone OS or Android OS. Obviously, rest of the mobile development platforms queue up the order.

Now, the debate is between iOS and Android. Android has great value in the global smartphone market while iOS is a smart platform to build up business apps. So, top mobile app development companies choose iOS as their working platform.

As per the study report, iOS has a huge number of apps in the app store. More than a billion people visit Apple’s app store every week. The download rate has grown to 70% in the past few months. This indicates the staggering popularity of Apple iPhone apps. With the consistent performance and innovation iOS operating system opt to be people’s favorite platform.

Apple app store is an astonishing platform to recognize your development skills. As a company, it gives you extra credibility in the market. As an individual, app development is a skill to enjoy easy ROI. Here are a few iOS development tips to consider while designing a mobile application.

Understand the purpose of your application

Initially know your business and customer to create a successful iOS app. A mobile strategy is essential to meet the specific needs of your application. Now, how to build a mobile app from scratch?  If the outlining is clear, then you can kick off with the SDK.

Apple provides a software development kit (SDK) to start off with your app development. This helps to build a foundation and create a new app in the iOS platform. This SDK facilitates the entire application development providing

  • iPhone simulator for testing
  • Interface builders
  • Documentation reference libraries
  • Performance analyzers, etc.

Knowing the target audience is another development trick that improves the chances for a successful mobile app.

Choose your language

Swift is a specified programming language for iOS app development. Key benefits of using Swift  in your app development:

  • Swift is an open-source and developer friendly programming language.
  • No lengthy codes, easy to write and read. It’s one of the swift best practices that enhance readability.
  • Easy to maintain the code structure
  • Fast and efficient application development.

How to develop an app for beginners? Swift is the perfect answer. Swift tips and tricks are never-ending once you start learning it. Make it easy through swift.

Understand the code

Xcode is an integrated development environment. It works on Macs and perfect development platform for building iOS apps. Xcode is one of the essential IDE to make your application more appealing towards the target audience.  Some of the benefits while choosing Xcode as your IDE,

  • Auto-completion of syntaxes
  • Instant result and figure out the bugs
  • Drag and drop options resembling Photoshop.

Xcode may be overwhelming for the new developers. Once you learn the Xcode tips and tricks, it’s the best IDE for app developers.

Create a unique content layout

It’s one of the iOS best practices to follow a unique content layout. The content should perfectly fit the screen without any scrolling effects. Apple is really concerned about the iOS design. The three design features include

  • Depth
  • Deference
  • Clarity

Depth is the smooth page navigation experience as users navigate through the screen. It’s essential to have a clear and responsive effect on all devices. It’s the developer’s trick to maintain a unique font, colour and size that will not discourage any users who go through the application.

Ensure high-performance

Performance is the key to success. A high performing app that meets all the clients’ requirements assures immediate and enhanced ROI. It’s essential to evaluate the performance of your application even if its launched and make necessary updates in between to keep up your users on board. Once the performance level drops, it’s a tough time for developers. We have a lot of alternate apps and people easily move on to it.

What assures the best performance?

  • Attractive user interface
  • Responsive effect
  • Fast and reliable


Create a flexible design

iPhone has a lot of versions right now, most of the people are stuck with the old versions too. So, app developer should consider all the versions and consider creating a flexible that works on all versions. If it’s not built in such a manner then it’s not profitable.

Flexibility also plays an important role in generating traffic. Clients get less traffic while using an incompatible version.

Test before launch

Test, Test and Test, it’s essential that all the app development companies carry out testing in a perfect manner that they never meet up with a bug in the future. Xcode provides a test navigator that facilitates easy testing process. Developers make it easy with a single test or group of tests.


Once the app is built, it’s time to promotion. The app store is filled with trending apps; it’s your duty to create an official promotion strategy to beat up with the competition. A functional mobile application will generate quality traffic. Heavy traffic offers high sales rate.

The above given tips can help you  to make your choice while choosing a platform for app development. may benefit an iPhone App Development Company.  This gives you a clear insight on developing unique as well as excellent working apps. You may feel iOS development is difficult but as you know the creative iPhone tips and tricks, it’s an interesting venture.