Why is Python such a fast and easy language to master?

Many newbies are stunned with how easy it is to learn Python and start coding most difficult solutions. It is one of the best general-purpose programming languages out there, and you gotta have serious reasons against doing your projects in it these days.

Reasons why it’s easy to learn and code

First, Python is basically similar to the English language. There’s no weirdness here that you’ll get in languages like JS.

Second, there’s a lot of various libraries and frameworks that probably have ready-to-use solutions for 90% of the development tasks you might have on your hands.

Third, whenever you have any hurdles that you can’t overcome on your own, you can connect with a huge community that Python has coalesced around it. As an additional benefit, it’s extremely easy to find contributors whenever you decide to grow your team.

Don’t listen to folks who say you shouldn’t use Python for webdev, but you should go off with PHP or other languages. Python is not a novelty anymore, but a solid choice for your webdev projects today!